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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


        We are a year-round Farm that offers locals a variety of fresh farm products, produce, and family-friendly events. We specialize in Vegetables, Fresh Herbs, and Honey, but offer customers so much more! We are a nonprofit that works to create jobs, provide resources, and offer healthy food options for underserved communities.


At Joppy Momma's Farm, we are incredibly fortunate to get to do what we love. We’d love for you to participate in the Joppy Momma's Farm experience. For more information, contact us below!

             Joppy Momma's Farm is a community farm & garden located in the historic town of Joppa, just six miles south of downtown Dallas. Joppa was founded in 1872 by Henry Hines; an emancipated slave. It is one of the last Freedman towns in Texas. Although its history is rich, Joppa has endured extreme marginalization. Though nestled between the lush wetlands of the Trinity River and the Great Trinity Forest, Joppa was federally declared a food desert. Joppy Momma’s Farm vows to change that by providing healthy, affordable foods for the community. We aim to empower, educate, and create greater opportunities for health, wellness, and self-sufficiency through sustainable, regenerative agriculture. We are committed to restoring, rebuilding, and regenerating the community one seed at a time!


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